Kids Summer Yoga

(to be revisited again in summer of 2021)


Little Seedlings Yoga Ages 3-6, 

$10 class or $35 for series


Saplings Yoga Ages 7-12,  

$15 class or $55 for series


Nature Camp


Saplings A fun exploration in Wellness & Wholeness for Kids!


A unique summer class series for kids ages 7 and up.  The day begins in the classroom with yoga from 10-11:45am. At  noon, we transition to the outdoor timber-frame kitchen and get into meal prepping and food LOVE. Kids will learn about basic whole food nutrition and prepare and enjoy several ways to nourish oneself together. We will be preparing and enjoying homemade herbal teas, smoothies, popsicles, salads, breads, soups, pies etc. By 2pm,  they will meet with a few special guest teachers from the community and spend the last 2 hours in the fields and gardens. They will learn about basic plant identification, herbalism, trees, making natural body care products, nature based crafts, flower essences etc. We end the day in final circle and pickup is at 4pm.

$60 day, or $200 for the series