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Therapeutic Yoga Privates 

You start by meeting with Kori (in person or virtually) to discuss personal fitness goals, previous health history, injuries etc. The follow up session is in person for about 60-90 minutes, going over the hand drawn, customized yoga flow she has created for you. During your time together you will receive personal adjustments, guidance and basic tips to apply in each pose. This is great for folks who are new to yoga, or intimidated by going to classes or simply would like help creating a home yoga practice. Can also be helpful for those pre or post natal, or recovering from surgery in deep healing etc. 



One on one; includes yoga consultation, customized yoga flow chart, and in person yoga session. $100

Small groups two or more - $100 plus $15 per person


Great idea for kids birthday parties, bridesmaid gatherings, blessing ways, women’s circles etc.

Price is negotiable

contact Kori for more info

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