Herbal Syrups &

Sacred smoke

Herbal syrups all are made with organic VT Raw Honey, local herbs and love

Elderberry Syrup 

Blend of Immune supportive herbs; Elderberry, Rosehips, Echinacea....with raw Vermont honey
4oz $15, 8oz $25

~Sacred Smoking blends~

Herbal smoke can be used solo or enjoyed with other smoking herbs

Great Spirit 

Herbal smoking blend that is great for grounding, connecting with spirit and beautiful to use in a ceremonial style

Sage, Cedar, Mugwort, Marshmallow...

4oz $10, 8oz $15


Herbal smoking blend that is uplifting, clearing and expansive
Peppermint, Lavender, Damiana, Skullcap, Mullein...

4oz $10, 8oz $15

*Add on a blend of organically grown CBD flowers for an extra $10

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