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"After experiencing a major back injury I reached out to Kori and asked her for assistance with chronic pain. Kori made a tincture for me as well as a body oil to apply directly over the area of the injury. The body oil had immediate effects, such as calming and soothing muscle spasms and pain relief. Her tinctures and medicinals are so incredible and POWERFUL. I have recommended Kori's Apothecary to many of my friends and students for an array of issues and I plan on continuing to recommend her in the future. Kori is a wonderful medicine maker, connected to the plants so deeply and intuitive in knowing the needs of her clients." 

- Diana

"Kori's herbs in all their miraculous forms-oils, teas, tincture, body butter and more-are an organic extension of her magical and energetic care. My daily regimen helps me cope more effectively with the stress, anxiety and fatigue of my busy life. It's truly a blessing to access pure plant love delivered with such grace."



"Over the years I have been using many products handmade by Kori for myself and my family. It began with elderberry syrup to boost our immune systems in the winter. Then I tried and fell in love with her body butter and lip balm and it didn't stop there. I use her facial serum and hydrosol daily, the wild orange salt scrub.  I even drink a custom blended tea. 

When my children are having trouble sleeping I give them her Sweet Dreams tincture. My son will ask "for the stuff that gives me the sweetest dreams" when he cant go back to sleep.  When my 'tween daughter was having some pre-teen hormonal/mood issues I went to Kori and she made a tincture and a roll-on to help calm the situation. 


It gives me great pleasure to have a local knowledgeable individual that I can go to with a problem and that I can leave with a custom made organic solution, no matter what my problem may be."

"The love and passion that Kori puts into her work along with good intent make her products work like magic. She obtains her medicines and aromas from pure sources and loves, honors and believes in them every step of the way. Her passion for her work as an herbalist and to heal, love and support her people make her stand out from others. She truly believes in her medicines and has a relationship with her plants. I have witnessed her ability to asses her patients and read what plants and aromas her people need in their custom blends. It is truly remarkable to see her gift and her love for her work and helping others. I call Kori when ever I have a need for herbal medicine and she concocts a unique product for me or one of my family members within a timely manner and often delivers it to me. I have used her roll on oils to help conceive my children, tea to control my under active thyroid and tinctures for all sorts of ailments and the effects of her products baffle me every time. Two weeks to conceive a child, three days to completely overcome horrific seasonal allergies, tea that changed my blood work for my thyroid condition so fast my doctor asked for her card. I highly recommend her products and have seen amazing results in unbelievable time for years now. I feel so blessed to be connected with someone as talented and gifted as Kori and have her to assist me with healing my body the way nature intended."


"Over the past few years, motherhood has changed for me. I was not only a mom but had become a step mom to 2 wonderful kids (twins) only a year younger than my own. Life got a little bit crazier. About a year into this, I had "hit my wall" (so to speak). I had Mama burnout and it was effecting many parts of my life. I made a decision for self care and love and Kori was my FIRST call! I'll never forget walking into her home for the first time and opening the bottle of oil and bag of tea I had ordered and physically feeling some of the stress come off my shoulders from first sniff!! I instantly fell in love with the products and continued to branch out into other areas, especially for my kids! Her body butters have nourished my kids skin, we have enjoyed her teas, synergy for the diffuser and so much more. I have LOVED everything and have loved that we could source this locally. Experiencing the world of essential oils and healing herbs was new for me and I could have chosen a commercial business to get items from to begin with, HOWEVER, I quickly realized that this was a personal process and our needs changed. Being able to talk with Kori, developing that personal communication was so important. She took that information and mixed up the perfect blend of what we needed. We are so grateful!"


"I started seeing Kori because I was feeling exhausted and disconnected from my passions. The results were immediate, which surprised me given how long I had been feeling so low. With Kori's support I also have more energy to focus on taking better care of myself, which continues to make me feel even better. Based on the impact of my experience with her, my teenage daughter has begun to see Kori to manage her depression. To see this cloud lifted from her brings me so much joy as a parent."  


"I have several serious and rare diseases that are resistant to treatment. One of the conditions, CRPS is rated the highest pain known to mankind on the McGill Pain Scale. You name it and I've tried it to try to ease my physical pain. I reached out to Kori and she suggested her CBD Tincture and CBD Pain Relief Oil. The tincture has helped me sleep and helps when I just need something to get me through. The oil has been a Godsend. I put it on every night. It's not a fix but it's the only topical that has ever given me any relief. I'm so grateful for Kori and her incredible knowledge. I highly recommend her products to anyone suffering from pain or other ailments." 

"I want you to know how much I value your herbs and scents. I have your little bottles on a sill next to my bed so every single night I have your light and love caring for me. I put on the sacred scent and OMG, it shifts me into my best place. For this I am so grateful! Do you realize that when you send your medicine out into the world, every single time we open those sacred bottles we feel your kindness? Thank you for that love"


"Working with Kori was so fun and she created exactly what I needed. The teas she has made is amazing, it's like I'm drinking earth and a new homestasis; it's exactly what I wanted. The roll-on smells like all the rest I've ever needed for all the growth I've ever wanted! The tincture feels like putting a new intention into my blood; an energetic transfusion. And the ceremonial smoking blend has me out at night by the gardens with the moon and fireflies" 


"Kori did a wonderful job creating some healing tinctures for me. After a lengthy chat about my anxiety and stress, she understood what may help me and came up with an amazing daytime blend to ease my anxiety, as well as sleepy time tincture to help me sleep on those nights when my brain just won't shut off. I've purchased many wonderful essential oils from her over the years, plus some bath salts facial care and yummy smelling body butters. I highly recommend her herbal expertise" 


“Kori is a truly gifted healer. Not only did I leave her table feeling relieved of muscle tightness, but I also left feeling that deeper scars had been swept away. She blends traditional massage with sound, vibration and a strong presence. It is beyond words how intuitively and remarkably Kori can read ones body and sense where work needs to be done. Blessed are those who find themselves on her table.”


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