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Herbalism is a traditional method of botanical medicine, or folk medicine based on the use of plants and their extracts. Kori Gelinas has been a certified Herbalist since 2008. Although her passion with plants and alternative medicine started early in her childhood. She has studied with the late Annie McCleary and George Lisi of  ‘Wisdom of the Herbs’. She graduated from the 'Vermont Center for Integrated Herbalism' working with Larken Bunce, Betzy Bancroft and Guido Mase'. She has taken Rosemary Gladstar’s 'The Science and Art of Herbalism' course. She has also worked at Zach Woods Herb Farms in Hyde Park, VT. Kori has been growing medicinal herb gardens for the past 14+ years, to be used primarily for medicine making and filling her Apothecary but also as tools for education in the community and to create sacred spaces for folks to come to for healing.

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