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Over the past decade, Kori has been deeply involved with creating sacred circles and ceremony. She has been collaborating with medicine people from all over the world. She has been co-creating womyn’s circles, and since 2015, birthed, organizes and runs the Medicine Womyn’s Retreats. Bringing womxn together from all over the world is a huge passion of hers. We are in a time of a great shift....of a massive awakening.....and a changing  of the old story. In order to embrace these times and feel safe and supported through it all, one can hugely benefit from connecting with sacred sisterhood. These powerful womyn's retreats bring sistars of like mind and heart together. We gather for a weekend of co-creation and nourishment.  These beautiful retreats are filled with joy, bliss, healing, teachings, yoga/movement, adornment, ceremony, food, play, rest, magic etc. We aim to gather twice a year, anytime from Imbolc to Spring Equinox for our Winter Retreat and mid to late August for our weekend immersives. 

 If you are feeling a call to know more, attend, or even teach at one of these powerful retreats, check out the website and/or please email

Green Blessings

                                                   Retreat dates for 2024


In the depth of winter, stirring from stillness, you are invited to join us for a day of vibrant nourishment, spirited wisdom, and heartfelt ceremony.

Invigorate vitality through evolutive embodiment. Find yourself in blissful celebrations awakening radical connections of sacred sisterhood and explorations of women’s mysteries.

Join us this Imbolc, February 3, 2024, as we ignite our soul fire for the 12th Medicine Womyns Retreat.

Together we rise!

Space is limited

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Camp Hochelaga, South Hero VT





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