Swedish Sedona  A full body treatment using flowing massage strokes, energy work and meridian clearing. Essential oils, tuning forks, crystals and gemstones are added to make this treatment even more blissful. 

90 min $125


Spirit Of the Stones Experience this powerful healing modality combining hot stone massage, essential oil spinal treatment, spinal and cranial releases and more.

90 min $125


Thai Massage  A comprehensive full body therapy using techniques developed over 2000 years ago by the personal physician of Buddha and practiced through the centuries in the temples of Thailand. Using slow deep pressure along energy (sen) lines coupled with yoga like stretches with the client in loose clothing on a futon. 

90+min $125


lymphatic drainage/energy balancing  Combining a gentle Lymphatic massage with Reiki and cranial sacral, crystals/gemstones, tuning forks and other healing tools to help you relax, release and walk away rejuvenated.

90+ min $125